Common Information: Article 33

Transparency law for the state of Nayarit
Fraction I

Applicable regulations

Fraction II

Organic structure

Fraction III


Fraction IV

Goals and objectives

Fraction V

Public interest indicators

Fraction VI

Objectives Indicators

Fraction VII


Fraction VIII

Remuneration to public servants

Fraction IX

Presentation costs

Fraction X

Total number of places

Fraction XI

Additional service contracts

Fraction XII

Heritage declarations

Fraction XIII

Transparency unit

Fraction XIV

Calls or contests

Fraction XV

Subsidy program

Fraction XVI

General conditions

Fraction XVII

Curricular information

Fraction XVIII

Public servants with penalties

Fraction XIX


Fraction XX

Procedures, requierements and formats

Fraction XXI

Financial information

Fraction XXII

Public debt

Fraction XXIII

Social comunication expenses

Fraction XXIV

Results of the audits

Fraction XXV

Financial statements

Fraction XXVI

Physical or moral persons

Fraction XXVII

Awards, contracts and agreements

Fraction XXVIII

Tendering procedures

Fraction XXIX

Reports of obligated subjects

Fraction XXX

Statics that generate

Fraction XXXI

Programmatic progress reports

Fraction XXXII

Supplier padron

Fraction XXXIII

Coordination agreements

Fraction XXXIV

Inventory of movable property

Fraction XXXV

Recommendations issued

Fraction XXXVI

Resolutions and awards

Fraction XXXVII

Participation mechanisms

Fraction XXXVIII

Programs that offer

Fraction XXXIX

Minutes of the transparency committee

Fraction XL

Evaluation and polls

Fraction XLI

Funded studies

Fraction XLII

Retirees and pensioners

Fraction XLIII

Income received

Fraction XLIV


Fraction XLV

Documentary file

Fraction XLVI

Minutes of sessions

Fraction XLVII

List of applications to companies

Fraction XLVIII

Treasury responsability

Fraction XLIX

Other useful information

Article 33

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